Song Production Project


Essentially we had to create one composition that we then would slowly develop into a better creation in three steps.



Version 1

We just made a very bare bones version of the song. It was quite last minute. I used the fender squire electric guitar and Walter used the drum set that we have. We did what we could with the materials available



Version number 2

Then I decided that the electric guitar didn’t sound super good, it was a little too harsh on the ears. So I began using the acoustic guitar instead. It turned out a lot better afterwards. We also decided to edit it a little bit, we basically just added reverb.


Version Numero Tres

This time I decided that my vocals were too fast paced and the high frequencies were just not good to listen to. I attempted to slow down the melody and sing in a manner that was actually pleasant. We put the two different tracks into audacity to pan all the levels to as close as we could get. It is the best version that we have made so far.


What I learned

I learned that creating a composition is easy, but making into an actually good musical piece is much harder.  I feel like I learned more about the way I create music and the process that I will use is  going to much different in the future.




Film Music Production


What I did 

Basically just found a clip on youtube, I cut out the audio. Then I created a bass line and a new guitar track to put over the top of it.

What I learned

That I am not as good at this as I thought of this. But I know more about the whole movie/audio exporting deal

La Parca Production Project.


I was required to record the same composition three different times, which we did over a number of weeks.

21st Century Skills

I wrote my own song, consisting of a chord progression. a few different vocal melodies. I had to rework it once or twice after actually creating a theme for the lyrics.

Reaction to the Final Version. 

Victor woods – “hahaha, you improved your performance”

Spencer Brown- “I like how the vocals are in the last version, they sound like they were mixed a lot better”

Evaluation of Final Version.

I believe personally that it shows four of the principles. Those being, Simple,Unexpected, Emotional, and a Story. But this is just my personal opinion.

What I Learned and Problems I solved. 

I learned that some microphones make me sound terrible. Also recording is not as easy as i had expected. But I used a few different microphones and figured out which ones sound better for me personally.

Audio Mixing Bootcamp Chapter 3

Summary: I was supposed to compose multiple tracks and mix them all together in a way that sounds at least somewhat pleasant.

What I did: I recorded a simple strumming pattern. I then recorded a guitar riff on top of that. I created a beat with drums on the keyboard. I then made random noises with my mouth on top of everything. I then had to change the levels in all four tracks. Panning them to the left or right, changing the reverb or echo, etc.

My Track:

What I Learned: I learned that having the same levels of effects all across the board, does not sound as well as changing each tracks level individually. Making a  much better sound in the end. Which is what everyone wants.

Audio Mixing Boot Camp. Chapter 2.

Summary: In this chapter, we focused on using different types of audio tracks. Arranging them in an organized way. Whether it be by color coding or by instruments. We worked on compressing and mixing the entire file, we then had to change the levels on volume and different effects like reverb or tone.


What I Did: We first made a quick Drum track. Then Ethan put down a chord progression on the Piano. I then added vibrato over the chords with a Guitar. Then we added the Bass over top of everything and it changed the reverb levels. We had to find the right tones for all 4 instruments.


What I Learned: I learned that you must make all the instruments in the mix sounds well together. To not have anything sound too sharp or rough compared to the other notes. I learned how to adjust the reverb or effects on each instrument, and tweak the noises until they sounded how we wanted them.


Motif Making with a Triad.

Summary: We were instructed to make a Motif. In this Motif we were intended to use strictly the three notes to a C chord.

What I Did: I used GarageBand, I used a keyboard to find the three notes. I then wrote my melody. I had to export the song to disk in order to get the Motif into an MP3 file. It then was uploaded onto SoundCloud.

My Motif:

What I Learned: I learned that limiting yourself or putting boundaries on your resources, will in the end draw out more creativity. Sometimes having too much to work with can seem overwhelming, and taking away that giant reservoir of notes can make it simpler to create music.

Listen Smart- Safely handling the Power Of Sound


  • Listen to what can benefit you but not hurt you
  • Ozzy is great.
  • Sound is a way to communicate.
  • Sound or noise is measured in Decibels.
  • After 8 hours 90 Decibels can hurt your hearing.
  • jet plate at 100ft is 140db
  • Going deaf would be sad
  • Smart people wear earplugs
  • PSA from Ozzy; Too much of anything is bad for you.
  • Be aware of the noises around you at all times. \
  • Make sure to wear earplugs at concerts, or around any loud noises.


“Failures” Review



This song Failures is by I The Mighty. This band is very hard to label as a genre, as they are not Metal or just a straight up Rock band. They are somewhere in between Alternative Rock & Indie music. In not only this song but in many others that they have created the cross the boundaries of genres and music. They do things that I have yet to hear in other Bands or Artists. They way they write their music is extremely unique and can only be comprehended by ones ears.

I for one love this song very much. Because like most of their songs, yeah you can listen to it on a surface level. But in almost all of them you can dig deeper than that, and really delve in to their music and dissect it. Which if you can really relate to a song, doing that much it just one step better. As most people do not just go through their entire life without a single mistake, I have made many in the years that I have been alive. This song really lets you know that it’s okay to fail, you’re trying and thats okay. Which is very good to hear, no matter who you are.

If I had to rate this song, I would give it an 9.8764/10




Extra Credits: Video Game Music.

  • old games have the best music, for some reason.

  • Modern game music has became less memorable.
  • Old games couldn’t handle more than three different tones at a time, which is about one chord.
  • They had to make sound tracks using single notes or chords.
  • A strong melody makes a song memorable.
  • todays technology makes game music a lot more flexible.
  • now the music can constantly change.
  • Game music should be used to increase the immersion into the game and make it more enjoyable.


Me as a Song.

What song: I chose the song Failures, by I The Mighty.

Why this song: I chose this song because I feel like it represents and covers how I’ve felt over the past few years. I have been in legal trouble, and have failed at many things in the past. It makes you wonder why no one ever gets recognized for trying, only succeeding. Many people have asked about my past, making me relive all those failures again, and this song really just captures it all. But it just makes me want to try harder in the end.

Special Meaning: For me it does have a special meaning, I have listening to this when I was in rough parts of my life. Just listening to it now brings me to back to how I was, just seeing how far I’ve came from there makes me eager to see where I will be heading in the future. It reminds me to not give up.

Am I like a character from the song: If I were to be one of the characters from the song, I’d say i’d be one of those eyeball creatures at the end. They are more of just subconscious throughout the video, but towards the end they become tangible and begin to actual effect this people directly. Like them, I tend to not do a lot at first. I mostly sit back and watch. But when I need to I will step in and help someone in need.

Parallels: Not much in my life is similar to this song besides my experiences, and the things I’ve done. Besides that there’s not a lot of people or things I can think of.

Synopsis: Basically the song talks about how many people will judge others based of things they’ve seen them do or what they’ve heard about them. How people will judge you before they even speak to you. How people will want things from you, yet laugh at you everytime you try to do something. They talk about how much time and energy people spend judging & thinking about others, when really it’s all perspective in the end.

My favorite part: My favorite part of the song is the Chorus.